Will Disney Present Opening Plans Next Week?

After lots of back and forth regarding when and which theme parks will be presenting their reopening plans––complete with dates, per mandate instructions––we now know of Universal Orlando’s proposed reopening will be June 5th,but when will we finally hear from Walt Disney World?

With the phased reopening of Disney Springs just began, we are one step closer to knowing about Walt Disney World. But when will they present?

In an interview with CNBC today, Mayor Demings stated that Disney will submit reopening plans next week:

“Disney has given an indication that next week, they will submit their plans, and once they do, then we will schedule that for a full briefing before our Economic Recovery Task Force as well. So at this point, it’s an undefined time or date, but we do look forward to seeing that sometime next week

Do note that, based on the mayor’s description of the timeline, a submittal of plans does not necessarily entail a public announcement (nor an approval)… meaning that it may be over a week for the official announcement. Universal Orlando revealed reopening plans for its theme parks during today’s Orange County Economic Recovery Task Force group meeting via Orange TV-they were unanimously approved, but are still awaiting the governors approval.

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