Walt Disney World to Feature “Relaxation Zones” Where Guests Can Remove Masks

As announced this morning- Walt Disney World will require guests and cast members to wear face coverings while on property, when they open on July 11th 2020

Many have expressed their concern with the requirements of masks. In response to this concern, Disney – Senior VP of Operations Jim MacPhee has said they are liking into implementing “relaxation zones” where guests can safely remove their masks for a short period of time.

While theme parks around the world have been requiring guests to wear masks when entering (including SeaWorld and Universal Orlando), Disney World understands that it can be difficult to wear them constantly throughout the day.

While relaxation zones are currently in the “possibility” stage- it is highly likely that Disney will have them. Although we don’t have any details on how these will work yet, there will most likely be increased social distancing measures in place in these areas to keep everyone safe. These relaxation zones would give visitors the opportunity to breathe without the mask. Since the heat in Florida can be challenging with personal protection equipment (or PPE), this would be a chance for guests of all ages to “take a break” while they are in a Disney World park.

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