Walt Disney World Raises Prices of Annual Passes

Following a surprise announcement that select Annual Passholders would be able to make reservations to preview Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge before it opens to the public, Walt Disney World has increased the prices on most annual passes for the Orlando theme park. Here’s the rundown:

-Water Parks after 2pm now $89 (was $79)

-Water Parks now $139 (was $130)

-Weekday Select now $349 (was $319)

-Epcot After 4 Annual Pass now $309 (was $289)

-Disney Silver Pass now $519 (was $479)

-Disney Gold Pass now $699 (was $609)

-Disney Platinum Pass now $899 (was $749)

-Disney Platinum Plus Pass now $999 (was $849)

For DVC the prices are as follow:

-DVC Platinum Plus Pass:now  $999.00 (was $150)

-DVC Platinum Pass: now $899.00 (was $150)

-DVC Gold Pass: now $699.00 (was $90)

To put things into perspective a Universal Orlando 2 park pass with no blackout days is currently $394.99, that is $197.49 per park, comparing to the similar Disney Platinum pass at $899 which would be $224.99 per park (divided by 4 parks) you can see that Universal is about $28 cheaper than Disney. Last time Walt Disney World increased prices on the Annual Passes was October of last year.

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