VIDEO: Unruly Guest Gets Tackled by Cast Members During Parade

Disney Park parades are normally a joyful part of a Guests experience at a Disney Park. Seeing the Characters, watching the parade floats go by, and hearing the music is such a fun thing for Disney fans young and old.

Today, we’re learning one Guest at Tokyo Disneyland took his “holiday joy” to the next level during the Parks ‘Disney Christmas Stories’ Parade. The Guest decided to run out into the parade route, almost running into an elf performer. He was quickly tackled by a show control Cast Member and subdued.

Check out the video here, as shared by @momoyaaa2 on Twitter:

While the Guest is pinned to the ground after fighting to stand up, Characters in the parade continue to distract Guests from the mayhem that’s happening in front of them. If you look closely at this video shared by @pienpienna, you can spot Dopey, Snow White, and Donald on floats in the background. Two Elves also continue to dance throughout the action on the ground, acting like nothing is happening.


Floats were stopped in the parade route, and kept Guests distracted during the entire incident. After 6 long minutes of waiting for security to arrive while holding the Guest on the ground, he is then escorted out of the Park by seven security guards. Video of the Guest being escorted out was shared by @_panda415, as seen below:

Have you ever witnessed an unruly Guest like this one in the Parks? Share your experiences with us in the comments!

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