VIDEO: TikToker Brags About Using Disney Park Scooters for Filming Advantage

Disney Parks are widely known for being inclusive, accessible Parks for Guests of all needs. Whether a stroller is needed for young children, or an ECV (electronic conveyance vehicle) for an older Guest, Disney Parks go above and beyond to make shows and attractions accessible to all. Looking around all of the Parks, many Guests rely on ECVs and strollers to navigate the Parks safely and comfortably. Without them, many people wouldn’t be able to visit the Parks. Knowing these facts, Disney has both types of devices available for rent at the Parks.

Recently we shared a Guest experience in the Parks where strollers, although necessary, were the cause of poor behavior by a Park Guest. Today, we’re learning that the bad behavior isn’t just limited to strollers.

TikTok user @happyfacedoctor took a video recently while riding on a Disney bus. When asked if he was OK, questioning his use of an ECV, his reply was simply, “Why am I riding a scooter? Because I can, dagnabbit, because I can”.

Check out the video below:


He continues to further explain his use of an ECV to his viewers. “No, since I’m out here rolling solo, I gotta get my photos and videos somehow”. He continues on to show how his phone is attached to the ECV, making it easier to document photos and videos of his time at Disney.

While he doesn’t clearly state if he needs the ECV for medical purposes, we can determine from his other videos taken around the same time that he is possibly capable of managing a day at the Parks without the use of an ECV. Take a look at one of his other TikToks taken around the same time:

@happyfacedoctor AT #spacemountain 😁 #thedocisinthebuilding#thedocsdisneydream#disneyvacation#disneytiktok@disneyparks#waltdisneyworld#waltdisneyworld50thanniversary#magickingdom#tomorrowland#disneyfun#lol ♬ original sound – Mr. HappyFace Doctor

@happyfacedoctor is seen in this TikTok walking through the queue at Space Mountain. The queue for Space Mountain is a long one, winding down the hallways and around before getting to the main ride boarding area. @happyfacedoctor does this without the use of his ECV.

Of course, we understand that there are multiple reasons why a person could need an ECV at the Parks, and many of these reasons could be invisible to others. However, @happyfacedoctor makes a direct claim that he is utilizing it for ease of capturing content. This leads us to believe he probably doesn’t need one.

Our concern would be, of course, other Guests at the Parks. Did he possible take an ECV that was needed for a Guest who actually needs one? Is he taking up the limited space on Disney transportation for Guests who need to board with their ECVs? We only hope his reckless behavior did not come at a cost to other Park Guests.

What do you think? Is he OK to use an ECV simply to take photos and videos with more ease? Let us know!

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