Video: Should This Person Be Banned From Disney Property?

Disney Guests and their behavior while in the Parks has long been the subject of controversy, especially on social media. What seems acceptable to some is crossing the line to others. But, what if someone is intentionally the source of poor behavior, and on a regular basis? And what’s worse, found to be broadcasting the behavior proudly all over social media?

We have recently discovered a TikTok user that does all of the above. Previously we shared that @onthebed13 had harassed Cinderella, and unfortunately that is just one example of many times this person has crossed the line. We are learning that this Guest is a regular at the Parks, which takes things to a whole new level. As shown in the videos below, he has no issue with putting Cast Members and Guests on the spot, without permission, asking them sometimes uncomfortable and awkward questions.

Here are just a few examples, of many videos shared, by TikTok user @onthebed13:
@onthebed13, telling a Guest to “Grow Up”.
@onthebed13, telling a Cast Member Universal is better.
@onthebed13, making Park Guests uncomfortable.
@onthebed13, telling a Guest that “this place sucks”.

As many would expect, people throughout Twitter are calling him out on his behavior:

Broadcasting and proudly sharing this behavior begs the question, does @onthebed13 deserve to be permanently banned from Disney Parks altogether? Let us know your thoughts in the comments!

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