VIDEO: Leaked Footage of Inside TRON Lightcycle/Run Shared On Social Media

Disney fans have been waiting for TRON Lightcycle/Run to open for quite some time now. We have watched the construction of the new roller coaster at Magic Kingdom over the course of the last several years. Back in 2021, ride construction had Disney Park closure-related delays; now recently, construction has picked up speed with massive progress (and ride track test runs!). Now, Streaming the Magic has an inside look at some leaked footage shared inside the ride queue of this new attraction!

The leaked footage, shared by @BackDoorDisney on Twitter, finally gives us a glimpse at the interior ride queue and loading area. Guests come in and go down a ramp, with a screen ahead of them, indicating what’s to come on the attraction. The loading area overall looks spacious. Construction noise can be heard in the background, as well as very faint background music.

Take a look at the clip shared by @BackDoorDisney, here:

It’s not clear when the video was taken, but we know this leaked footage has us really excited for opening day!

Disney has been working slowing to prepare for the opening. We learned earlier this Fall that Cast Members have already been selected to be part of the opening crew on this attraction. On the exterior grounds of the ride there has been landscaping going on, with construction finally slowing down.

What do you think of this leaked footage? Are you excited to ride TRON Lightcycle/Run? Let us know!

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