Uproar Over Scene from ‘Disney’s The Santa Clauses’

‘Disney’s The Santa Clauses’ continues to be plagued with controversy. As we reported earlier, Tim Allen received backlash following his comments that the Disney+ series would put religion at the heart of their story. “I said no, this is Christ-mas. Its Christ-mas. It literally is a religious holiday” Allen stated, in a report with The Wrap.

Now, more controversy presents itself within Episode 3 of the series. In it, children are holding up cards that spell out “We Love You Satan”, with the scene joking that the children have misspelled Santa, instead spelling Satan. According to a summary in Reuters, many believe that Disney is promoting a secret agenda, going as far as saying “Disney is promoting satanic worship to children”. (Reuters)

And of course, social media has a lot to say about this. TikTok user @pardonmyfolly shared their thought on it, with a clip of the scene:


Research the origins of Christmas and see what you find. You are free to celebrate whatever you want but don’t feed into the lie that it’s the birth of Christ. #satan #christmas #fyp #fypシ #pardonmyfolly #paganism

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Critics of Disney were were quick to pounce on the opportunity to prove their stance on “woke” Disney, in their replies:

One TikTok user even called out Tim Allen directly, asking for an explanation on the scene:

Twitter user @polishprincessh believes that Disney isn’t “hiding any longer” in their attempts push an agenda, and calls them a “demonic network”:

A fact check by Reuters has determined that the context is missing by viewing this scene alone, and this should be taken as just a joke. The next portion of the scene shows the children correcting the spelling of Satan to Santa. Still, many people cannot help but see a possible connection between this scene and what they consider a “secret agenda” by Disney.

What do you think? Is this scene done in poor taste? Or is it just a joke? Let us know!

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