Universal Studios Orlando Commended for Safety Practices After Reopening

As new cases of COVID-19 continue to rise- 10,000 new cases have been reported in Florida alone- Governor Ron DeSantis praised Universal Studios for their practices after reopening.

The Governor stated today that Florida can keep businesses open while also controlling the spread of the virus. If the guidelines are followed, like wearing masks, Gov. DeSantis and experts on the matter say the virus can be contained despite the ever increasing cases in states where businesses have reopened.

Universal Orlando has enacted strict social distancing procedures to keep guests safe while visiting the resort and it’s theme parks. Amongst the changes made to the resort are the addition of virtual queues to attractions, the requirement of face coverings, and temperature screenings to enter the resort.

Universal Orlando was sited as an example of businesses who were following guidelines- which would allow for the theme park to be open during such an unprecedented time.

Statements like these provide hope that Walt Disney World will open its parks on time in Mid July. Despite the fact that The Disney Company has delayed the July 17th reopening of Disneyland. no

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