Universal Should Hire These Cast Members Immediately

Just a note: We hope all 28,000 of the Disney cast members losing their jobs this month are able to get back on their feet quickly. Every single one of them are what make Disney the magical place we know it to be.

I know Universal Studios & just about every theme park around the world is struggling right now but if Universal Orlando can find the means, it would be a very smart business move to hire these cast members that were recently let go by Disney

Yehaa Bob: After 23 years with Disney, Bob Jackson didn’t even get to have one final show. As he put it himself, “that’s how it ends, not with a bang but with a whimper”. The least Disney could have done is given him a curtain call.

If Universal Studios wants to add an amazingly fun & energetic act which would surely bring in a loyal following to boot, Yehaa Bob would be an investment that would pay off for years to come.

Grand Floridian Society Orchestra: Another musical act cherished by thousands (maybe millions?) of Disney fans that have passed through The Grand Floridian Resort. If Universal hired this group of amazingly talented musicians, they could immediately up their resort game. Of course they’d have to change their name a bit but their loyal following would know where to find them.

Bob Hitchcock: Bob is an award winning video content producer & was the editorial content director for Disney World Parks & Resorts. Bob has produced so many amazing videos featuring touching & inspiring moments enjoyed by millions of viewers (see examples of his work below). Universal would be so lucky to be able to have Bob on their team.

Adding any one of these Disney cast members would payoff for Universal Studios almost immediately.

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