Top Places to Relax at the Magic Kingdom

Top Places to Relax at the Magic Kingdom

Magic Kingdom park is by far the busiest park of the 4, but there are some spots when you can escape the hustle and bustle and take a minute or two, so here are all of my favorite spots to relax and recharge my batteries. So let’s begin.

Main Street U.S.A.

Everyone knows that the Train Station is a good spot to relax but my personal favorite is right off of Main Street, after you pass Uptown Jewelers and before Crystal Arts there’s a side street. At the end there are a couple of tables and chairs, it’s a very quite spot and you can hear the music lessons being given on the upstairs rooms (Disney magic and details) I used to come to this area when the kids were little and chilled here while they napped in their strollers.

People also seem to enjoy the fake grass area that has been open around the Hub. These two “gardens” house the area for fast pass for Wishes but during the day time anyone can come and sit, or lay down. I don’t necessarily like to sit on the ground but you might.

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This land has a couple of good areas to sit and relax. First up right across from Sunshine Tree Terrace is an area designed for sitting, the benches come out from the rock, it has some tree cover but not much so better to use it in the Winter months or in the evening.

Next is the Tortuga Tavern, this is a seasonal restaurant, which means they open it only when it’s very busy. When it’s not open it’s ideal for relaxing, there’s a large outdoor area plus a smaller indoor area with a restroom.


Not a ton of places to relax but there’s one place where you can basically spend half a day. Tom Sawyer Island. I’ll write and In-Depth blog on this island but for now I can say that you can relax and enjoy a rocking chair or a picnic table here.


If there’s a place that’s crowded and filled with people that seem to not be having any fun (maybe it’s the parents knowing that they will soon be taking a voyage on It’s a Small World, or the constant 60 minute line for Peter Pan’s Flight or the princesses that meet and greet for 30 seconds after a 2 hour wait) it’s Fantasyland. Thankfully Disney has designed a couple of spots for you to sit down.

First up the most magical restrooms in the land, the Tangled restrooms. Not only are there tables and benches for you to recharge but there are also outlets to charge your phones. Not the best spot on a very sunny day but it works well during nice weather.

Another area that is tucked away from the madness is by Gaston’s Tavern, they have set up some tables and benches next to the Bonjour Village Gifts, one of said benches even has a small cover from the elements

Storybook Circus

Probably the biggest and most convenient area to recharge both yourself and your phone is here. Many people have called this a garage sale of chairs because they are all so mismatched but I rather enjoy it. It has a roof and fans and the restrooms are right next door.


Best area here is inside the Tomorrowland Light & Power Co. better known as the Space Mountain gift shop. Not as colorful as the area at Storybook Circus but it does the job.

Liberty Square

My favorite spot to relax here are these two rocking chairs, you can still people watch and be a bit separate from the crowds, right next to the Hall of Presidents.

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Honorable Mentions

I purposely avoided actual attractions as places to relax but Magic Kingdom offers some good choices if you want to be entertained while taking a breather. So here they are. 

The Enchanted Tiki Room
Never has a line and it’s just charming.

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The PeopleMover
My absolute favorite, you get great views of Tomorrowland and get to see some pretty nifty (yeah I said nifty) stuff.

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Walt Disney World Railroad
With 3 stops and encircling the entire park this a good way to rest and ride a cool train (who doesn’t love trains) Also a great way to get from land to land without walking.


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