Top 5 Best Character Meet and Greets at Walt Disney World

Hello everyone. I decided to tackle this one and I’m approaching it a bit differently. We all probably have the best memory of meeting a specific Disney character. For me it’s probably the time I got to meet Maleficent right after the Tower of Terror 10 Miler, or when I had the chance to profess my love to Grumpy, even though he didn’t love me back. Both of these experiences required extra money and also, a lot of time. I waited in line approximately an hour for each. We know that time is a valuable asset when you are at Disney World so this list will focus on the most character meets for the shortest time….so here we go

5.- Disney Pals as Circus Stars at Pete’s Silly Side Show: This Magic Kingdom meet and greet is one of the most unique, simply because you get two Disney characters dressed in super cute circus attire for your wait time. You have your choice of Daisy and Pluto or Donald and Goofy. This spot is located in the back of the park making wait times short for most of the morning. (this meet does not offer fast pass)

Ringmaster Pluto

4.- Red Carpet Dreams: This Hollywood Studios meet and greet features one line to meet both Minnie in a stunning red carpet gown and Sorcerer Mickey from his big role in Fantasia. The line is usually short in the morning but gets lengthy in the afternoon. (this meet does not offer fast pass)

Minnie in Ball Gown and Sorcerer Mickey

3.-Princess Fairytale Hall: Back to the Magic Kingdom, this meet is located in the heart of Fantasyland. You have the option to fast pass each set of meets if you have a Princess enthusiast in your group. The setting is absolutely gorgeous, royal colors and beautiful tapestries decorate the waiting area. You have your pick between meeting Cinderella with Elena or Tiana with Rapunzel

Wait area for Fairytale Hall

2.-Town Square Theater: We are currently celebrating Mickey and Minnie’s 90th birthday, no real word on if this meet will remain permanently, but for now we get the famous pair in celebration outfits. This meet is very popular so if it’s a priority to you I recommend grabbing a fast pass or waiting until the very end of the night. If you don’t, wait times easily go up to one hour.

Celebration Mickey and Minnie

1.-Epcot’s Character Spot: the most bang for your wait time buck. You have the option to fast pass but lines are very manageable through out the day. For one wait line you get, Goofy, Minnie and Mickey, all three in their classic costumes.

Honorable mention: If you are a Disney Chase card holder you get 2 meet and greet areas. The first is at Epcot, in the back on the Imagination Pavilion card holders can usually meet two or three classic characters, the do not post which character so it;s a complete surprise but I’ve met Mickey with Pluto, Minnie with Goofy, some people have also reported meeting 3 characters. This meet is usually held between 11am-4pm but make sure to check when you are there. There’s minimal wait for this since it is exclusive to card holders.

On the same note a separate card holder meet and greet with Kylo Ren is located inside Launch Bay at Hollywood Studios, again times are between 11am-4pm and there’s a minimal wait time for him

Do you have a favorite character meet and greet, would love to read your stories

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