This is not the Baby Yoda Merchandise I’m Looking For

Ever since the brand new Disney streaming service, Disney+, debuted, fans have been pouring over content. One of the most anticipated shows to watch was Star Wars The Mandalorian. Not only did Favreau and Filoni do an amazing job so far with this series it has also introduced a character that no one saw coming but we now all love. The Child.

The Child, or as many call him, “baby Yoda” has stolen every scene with his big eyes, a twitch of his ear or just by using the Force to help Mando heal faster. And of course, outcry for merchandise came right away. Where oh where is the Baby Yoda merchandise?

Well, Shop Disney announced yesterday that merchandise has arrived in their store, but certainly this is not all there is, right?

The same picture plastered on t-shirts, cups, mugs, bags, phone cases, way simplified and lacking imagination. No this is not the baby Yoda merchandise I’m looking for.

Reports say that Hasbro along with other companies are bringing more merch out there but they are not sure if it’ll be delivered in time for the holidays, so, I guess we all must listen to the words of Master Yoda himself

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