Things to Know if You Are Planning on Going to Galaxy’s Edge

In only 2 days the biggest land expansion in Disneyland history will take place. Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge is opening Friday, May 31st. But you can’t just put on your Jedi Robes, get in your car and hit hyperspeed, there are a couple of things you need to go before you go.

Disneyland has decided to try and control the flow of crowds in and out of Galaxy’s Edge by making the first 3 weeks, from May 31st to June 23rd, a reservation only event. There is still a way to get a reservation for this 3 week period, if you book a stay at a Disneyland Resort your reservation will come with a time slot to visit the land. Disneyland wants to be very clear that no standby guests will be allowed in for the first 3 weeks.

For the enjoyment of all guests. Millennium Falcon: Smuggler’s Run, the attraction that will be opening this Friday will offer snacks along the queue as well as character interaction, Play Disney App games and a system for guests to be able to use the restroom then get back in line without losing their spots.

Play Disney will be featured through out the land so people can still enjoy it even when they are not riding Smuggler’s Run. Also Mobile Ordering will be available at 2 of the quick service locations.

The Disneyland costume guidelines still apply and everyone should be mindful and familiar with them. No adult wearing a costume will be allowed inside Disneyland park as to not confuse the rest of the guests. Guests are encouraged to Star Wars Bound.

For those lucky enough to have a reservation it’s time to learn some Batuu lingo. The people that inhabit Batuu are called Batuuese and fortunately they all know English. You will hear some unique phrases so learn these if you want to blend in with the local population:

To say “hello” you can say “Bright Suns” if it’s day time or “Rising Moons” if it’s night time.

For “goodbye” you can say “’till the spires”. If you want a more formal goodbye you say “May the spires keep you” or “good journey”.

The children that visit Black Spires Outpost are called “younglings” or “padawans” if they are particularly strong with the Force. Their strollers are called “youngling transport”

If you are in search of a water fountain ask for “hydrators” and a very important word, for restrooms, you are searching for “refreshers”.

Now if you are presented with information that you don’t understand you can say “only the ancient knows” which means “I don’t know”. Also if you really want to build your own lightsaber don’t go asking where that store is, the locals want to keep that a secret from the First Order so ask them where you can find some “scrap metal” to buy and they will direct you to Savii’s.

Tonight is the Opening Dedication Ceremony for Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge and you can watch it, right here, live on Streaming the Magic starting at 8:20 PDT (11:20 EDT). May The Force Be With You.

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