The Power of the Disneyland Annual Passholder-Main Street Cinema

It has been said time and time again, Disneyland is a locals park, more specifically, it’s an Annual Passholders park. On any given day you can see plenty of locals going to the parks for a quick dinner, or just an evening walking around, enjoying the night time shows, they pop in for a quick shopping experience. When Disneyland Annual Passholders rave or complain, Disneyland listens.

Case in point, Main Street Cinema. On June 14th Twitter started lighting up with disgruntled fans of the park:

This is frankly disgusting, @Disneyland@DisneylandToday and you should remove it immediately. Honestly, how much extra money could you be making selling THIS merch here? It’s the same stuff you can buy in other shops throughout the resort! Who is this for??

This is a disgrace to what Walt intended the Cinema to be used for.@Disneyland Do the right thing and put everything back.

Not to beat a dead horse @DisneylandToday, but currently Main Street Cinema is trending on Twitter. Just a hint at how upset people are over this felonious attack on a piece of Disneyland history. This decision maker needs to be dealt with.

Yes, Disneyland had added merchandise to the beloved, opening day attraction. The Main Street Cinema is a quaint little space that shows vintage cartoons, here’s the description from the Disneyland website

Classic Cartoons on the Silver Screen

Step under the elegant Victorian-era marquee and into yesteryear. Watch some of Walt Disney’s first animated efforts, playing throughout the day on 6 separate movie screens. It’s a nostalgic journey back to the beginning of Disney animation!

It is one of those little treasures that remain the same, decade after decade, and even though it is not a popular attraction people love it for it’s timeless fell of real Walt Disney.

So when locals entered their beloved Main Street and saw signs above the Main Street Cinema selling merchandise they were more than upset.

Disneyland responded very quickly with the following:

“We continue to operate Main Street Cinema as a theater and there have been no changes to film showings,” Disneyland said in an official statement. “We’re looking at a variety of ways to drive interest in this beloved location.”

This was not enough and the power of the Annual Passholders shined through, and after less than a week the merchandise has been taken away and the sleepy little room continues to delight the casual on looker and the die hard fans.

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