The Magic of the Holidays comes to Disney’s Animal Kingdom

Coming this holiday season, November 8th to be exact, there will be new entertainment and holiday decor coming to Disney’s Animal Kingdom.

Discovery Island will be filled with white holiday decorations. Colorful, animal-inspired luminaries line the rooftops, and wireframe lanterns in the shape of beautiful birds can be found perched throughout the area. During the day winter animals in the form of puppets will walk around the village accompanied by serenading musicians.

The Tree of Life will get into the holiday spirit by awakening with wintry tales along with holiday music through the entire evening.

At Dinoland USA Donald and friends will host the Holiday Hoopla Dance Party, music,, dancing and fun games for the entire family.

In Asia the village of Anandapur will once again celebrate Diwali, with beautiful lanterns and authentic cultural performances.

Over in Africa the different performers will include traditional holiday inspired music and dance, and the party will continue over into Tusker House where specialty holiday food and drinks will be served.

The holiday spirit even reaches Pandora,where the ex-pats living and working on the moon of Pandora bring a little Christmastime fun to their alien home, with a display at Pongu Pongu of kitschy holiday décor, combining vintage pieces from Earth with items handcrafted from materials indigenous to Pandora.

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