“The Imagineering Story” The Best Disney+ Original Series for any Disney Parks Fan

If you are a fan of the Disney Parks and have always wondered how it was all imagined and created, Disney+ has the series for you. The Imagineering Story is a six-part docuseries that shares what it takes to create, design and build Disney theme parks around the world. Directed by the grandaughter of Mickey Mouse animator and Disney legend Ub Iwerks, Leslie Iwerks and beautifully narrated by Angela Basset, the docuseries pulls back the curtain and takes us right inside the creative process.

Leslie Iwerks says “This started about six years ago, believe it or not. I had screened my film, The Pixar Story, at Imagineering. [Disney Legend] Marty Sklar, who was the former president of Imagineering, saw the film and said to me afterwards, ‘When are you going to do The Imagineering Story?’” Leslie recalled. “I said, ‘Well, you tell me!’” After making a formal pitch, the executives at Disney got back to Leslie and made her an offer. “They said, ‘Actually, we want to commission you for five years. We want you to travel to all the parks around the world. We want you to document behind the scenes and really capture the spirit of Imagineering and what we consider the golden age of that time.’ This was from 2014 to about 2017; it was an amazing experience to kind of relive my childhood.”

Today, the second episode of “The Imagineering Story” will debut and cover the time period of 1967-1984. The series and this episode contain footage filmed in backstage and behind-the-scenes areas from an Imagineering point of view. Keep in mind this type of photography and filming is strictly prohibited so it’s a real treat we get this exclusive behind the scenes views through this docuseries.

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