The FBI Releases Report on Bigfoot

Bigfoot, Sasquatch, Abominable Snowman, Yeti; this allusive creature has baffled scientists, ignited the imagination of locals, inspired awe and fear to everyone that has tried to study it. Now we know for a fact that the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) actually has a full file on the allusive creature.

Through the Freedom of Information Act we now have proof that the FBI has a 22 page file on Bigfoot and that they agreed to test some hair and skin samples. And although the final findings from said tests prove that the hair was from a deer, Disney fans know this legendary creature exists, and not only one sighting but two.

Anaheim CA sighting

First the colder climate creature made it’s home inside the snow capped mountain of the Matterhorn in Anaheim, California. Legend has it first sighting occurred on June 14th, 1959. Reports say that a group of people were bobsledding through the Alps when they saw the Abominable Snowman menacingly looking on with glowing red eyes. Apparently people were not that afraid and the monster has basically become somewhat of an attraction.

Orlando FL sighting

Second sighting was much more recent. Another high altitude mountain, called by the locals “The Forbidden Mountain” in Orlando, Florida, has an actual educational and research facility dedicated to the Yeti. Through extensive scientific study and photo proof,you can walk through the Norbu and Bob Himalayans Escape-Tours and Expeditions before embarking on a train tour of the mountain and possibly taking a quick peek (strobe light effects included) of the impressive Yeti. Legend goes farther to say that in the beginning, when first sightings occurred in April of 2003 you could see the creature moving and everything.

We appreciate the work of the FBI and even though those hair and skin samples did not scientifically prove the existence of Bigfoot,we Disney fans know better.

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