The Bourne Stuntacular Soft Openings Have Emergency Closure After Accident

For the first time, The Bourne Stuntacular show at Universal Studios Florida opened its doors this afternoon. The show was originally going to open in March 2020, but it was delayed due to park closures during the global pandemic.

This new stunt show features live actors, special effects, and a massive LED screen to blend virtual sets with real life action.

The reviews have been generally great for the newest Universal Studios attraction. Guests have been describing it as nothing short of amazing on social media.

However, according to Disney and Orlando 4 All, the attraction had an emergency evacuation today. There supposedly was an accident in the rafters of the stunt show, and all guests and previewers were removed from the set and emergency services have been called.

There has not been any official statement from Universal Studios Orlando on the matter.

Stay tuned to Streaming the Magic for more updates on USO.

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