Stitch Crashes Disney Collection: March Preview Released for The Lion King!

A new limited edition Stitch series is coming for 2021! The “Stitch Crashes Disney” series will feature 12 classic Disney movie themed Stitch plushies, pins and limited edition magic bands. Strangely they have not released any posts on Instagram or Facebook announcing each month’s feature, but we were able to learn more from the ShopDisney website.

Each month a new Stitch-themed movie set is released, and will only be available for purchase for two days online and in stores. From January’s release, we can see that these sell out FAST. The first was released January 12th and featured the classic movie: Beauty and the Beast! It sold out in stores and online the day it was released, and was limited to two per customer. Bummed you missed out? No worries! The January Beauty and the Beast collection is available for purchase through the Pixiedust Shopper! Click each picture to be sent to the virtual store for purchase.

“Stitch Crashes Disney” January: Beauty and the Beast Edition
Available For Purchase Here!
Available For Purchase Here!

After this past month, February is Lady and the Tramp, March is The Lion King, April is The Little Mermaid, May is Pinnochio, and June is Aladdin. They’ve only announced up to June, but we will keep you updated as they announce more movies! Take a look below at the release of Lady and The Tramp and The Lion King.

Here is a picture of February’s Lady and The Tramp:

“Stitch Crashes Disney” February: Lady and The Tramp Edition

The February Lady and The Tramp collection will be available for purchase February 26th at 7 AM PT and in stores on February 27th until products sell out!

And March’s Feature for The Lion King:

“Stitch Crashes Disney” March: The Lion King Edition

The Lion King MagicBand and pin preview have not been released yet.

Disney required purchasers to use a shopping experience called MerchPass for the January collection, but will not be using it for February on the ShopDisney platform. Many people were disappointed they did not “win” the chance to purchase what they wanted, and it seems that Disney needs to try to find another way to hinder bots from over purchasing products and selling them out quickly. This feature required Disney-enthusiasts to create an account through ShopDisney to enter a lottery which, if chosen, allowed you to purchase one or more of the items you wanted. Fingers crossed the February shopping experience goes more smoothly.

If you miss out on each month’s collection, the Pixiedust Shopper has you covered! Check out the January collection for purchase here, and stay tuned for next month!

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