Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge at Disneyland Opened to Everyone Starting Today

After a truly successful reservation run of 3 weeks, Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge at Disneyland started regular operations today.

Following twitter live accounts it seemed the reservation system worked in bringing avid fans during the prior 3 weeks. By 5 am PST today only about 40 people were in line, at 7am PST only about 300 hundred.

At 7am PST both Oga’s Cantina and Savi’s Worshop were available to book online, same day only. When I checked at 7:05am PST there was still availability for the evening hours but all spots were taken in only 40 minutes after opening it up. Reservation spots for both experiences are on the hour and half hour until park closing. For guests making these reservations the will not need to get on a boarding group (virtual queue) and they can enter the land 30 minutes prior to their reservation time. There is a no show charge for Oga’s of $10 per person and Savi’s $199, which is the value of the lightsaber.

Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge opened early to the eager crowds at 6:30am PST. The Virtual Queue on the app showed the land being open to everyone until 7:30 PST. So it took an hour for the land to hit capacity and the Virtual Queue to kick in. At the moment of writing this article the line for Millennium Falcon Smuggler’s Run is at 240 minute wait.

The Boarding Group (virtual queue system) will allow guests arriving after the land is at capacity to get in a virtual line, they will be sent a notification once they can enter and the guests will have 2 hours to make their way into Galaxy’s Edge. There is no limit on time that guests can now stay inside Batuu and enjoy all that it has to offer.

The virtual queue is expected to be implemented from day one at Disney’s Hollywood Studios come August 29th.

You can enjoy our live stream from today’s opening right here

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