Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge Part 3

Interactive Elements

Continuing our series on the largest single land expansion in Disney Parks history, today I will be talking about the interactive elements through out Black Spire Outpost.

Most people only see that Galaxy’s Edge is opening with one attraction and dismiss the land all together because they feel it will not have enough for people to do. But Disney Imagineers and LucasFilm have designed the entire land filled with interactive elements to occupy your time, you don’t even need to go on Smugglers Run to do this.

Through the Play Disney app, once you enter Batuu and Black Spire Outpost your phone will convert into a datapad and will unlock several different ways to interact with objects, droids and even creatures. You will be able to pledge allegiance to the Resistance, the First Order or become a scoundrel.

From SW Celebration Panel

The four basic functions you will have available through the app are Hack, Scan, Translate and Tune. As you play you will earn points and new items will unlock.

Hack: With this function you can hack into the land’s many devices, like panels, doors, crates.

From SW Celebration Panel

Scan: Many containers and crates are scattered through out the land, you can use this function to see what’s inside.

Translate: there will be Aurebesh (Star Wars language) writing everywhere, on doors, above establishments, on boxes, use this function to translate into English.

Tune: with this function you will be able to tune into satellite dishes and antennas. You can intercept messages, listen to stories or uncover secret messages sent from other inhabitants of the Galaxy.

Not only will you be able to interact with the land through the app, the stories continue with all the inhabitants of Black Spire Outpost. You could strike a conversation and barter for items with Dok Ondar himself at his store, or you might be approached by Troopers or even the bartender who will ask you what happened with the Millennium Falcon. Even the Cast Members are encouraged to get into the story. So there will be plenty to see and do and play without setting foot in an attraction.

Dok Ondar Animatronic

While I am very excited for the possibilities of this app I am a bit hesitant in its reliability given the history of the My Disney Experience app. I hope they have taken into account all the many aspects of running a smooth application and it will not disappoint in the end.

Next week I will cover the food and drinks items…May The Force Be With You.

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