Star Tours: 33 Years of Space Travel!

Did you know, Star Tours made its inaugural debut on January 9, 1987 at Disneyland Park and December 15, 1989 at Disney MGM Studios (now Disney’s Hollywood Studios) at Walt Disney World Resort. Guests boarded a shuttle to Endor, captained by a nervous droid named R-3X (“Rex”), where fun and adventure ensued: flying into the trenches of the Death Star with an X-wing fighter squadron, or fighting alongside the Rebels in a space battle–they were in Star Wars!

In 2011 the original “flight” was retired and the attraction became Star Tours: The Adventure Continues with new scenes and storylines from the Prequel, Original and, later, Sequel trilogies, creating a new experience each time Guests rode it. Star Tours continues to thrill our Guests and bring them into the Star Wars Universe.

The next time you board, pay special attention to these fun Easter eggs!

• In-queue Announcements: You’ll hear a Mister Egroeg Sacul being paged over the intercom. This is actually a nod and tribute to George Lucas–Egroeg Sacul is George Lucas spelled backward!
• Boarding Announcements: If you are listening, you may hear a reference to THX 1138. Why is this significant? THX 1138 was the name of George Lucas’ first movie, and he included the number 1138 in many of the Star Wars films as a nod to his origin.
• You can still see “Rex,” the original droid pilot–he’s found a new job as a DJ, playing the galaxy’s top hits inside Oga’s Cantina in Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge at Disneyland and Disney’s Hollywood Studios.

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