Sporks Discontinued at Galaxy’s Edge

At Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge the main goal is to immerse you into another planet, a different story and a detailed experience that is unlike any other you can have at a Disney Park.

One of the aspects of this immersion were the ever so famous sporks. Sporks are a utensil that is not unfamiliar to us but it’s definitely not something you see at a Disney World quick service . They were first introduced to guests at Disneyland’s Batuu and quickly became clear that people were taking them to keep at home or worse sell on Ebay.

photo courtesy of Bioreconstruct

Over on Batuu East, or Walt Disney World’s Batuu, we half expected not to see the sporks at all and were pleasantly surprised when the land opened with the famous utensil, but it is now clear that the sporks days are over and now we are left with the regular fork.

This might seem trivial to some but the little details is what makes this land a complete, immersive experience. Unfortunately the bad decisions of some will affect the experience of all.

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