Spaceship Earth Overhaul and Mary Poppins Attraction CUT From the EPCOT Experience

Today, July 15th EPCOT began welcoming guests once again!

Along with some social distancing and new protocols the park opened with some changes to The Epcot Experience.

As it turns out- Disney has CUT two significant projects from the EPCOT Experience video that previews upcoming projects for the park- Mary Poppins and Spaceship Earths overhaul.

You can see the video below from The Schmoofs YouTube channel, confirming these details have been removed. The removal of the segments likely signifies that changes or a complete abandoning of the previously announced projects is to come.

Disney had officially delayed the Spaceship Earth overhaul project, as we had reported earlier this summer. This refurbishment was among the projects Disney was defunding in an effort save nearly $1 billion dollars.

Before the parks closed, Disney had yet to begin either the Mary Poppins attraction or the Spaceship Earth rehabilitations. We anticipate that Spaceship earth will be done at a later time. Mary Poppins most likely will be cut all together.

Disney has not commented on the status of the Mary Poppins attraction.

Stay Tuned to Streaming the Magic for more updates on the Disney Parks.

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