Some Disney cast members are making this mistake after being let go

Being let go from your job creates a horrible mix of emotions. Hurt pride, sadness, anger, fear. It’s important that if you do receive this terrible news from Disney, to take a minute to just breathe.

Some cast members are taking to social media to announce that they are one of the 28,000 people to have been laid off by Disney. While most are sharing fond memories, some are venting.

While in the immediate moment it might feel good to get a few things off your chest, it could hurt your professional career long term. Even if you have no plans to ever return, staying on good terms with your former employer could still help you with possible future jobs.

You might need to use Disney as a reference. And it’s quite possible that Disney sees your post. Disney & many other companies have people that scan all of social media looking for posts that are about them. They do this to stay on top of any trends & potential PR disasters.

It’s also possible that Disney might call back staff sooner than later. If a vaccine comes around or people just in general become more comfortable with traveling as we continue to learn more about this virus, Disney will soon need to expand again.

So if you’ve already been venting, delete the videos. If you’re thinking about venting for views, think twice about that. You’re better than that & you’ll be better off if you avoid that route.

If you or someone you know has been impacted by these layoffs, here’s a great resource on how you can help or receive help.

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