Rise of the Resistance Opens. Virtual Queue Kicks In

The day finally arrived and the last piece of the Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge puzzle is in place. Star Wars Rise of the Resistance opened today to large crowds, most arriving by 4 in the morning and getting in line.

Soon they found out that the Virtual Queue system had kicked in. The VQ is a tool on the My Disney Experience app that allows a guest to join the queue virtually, the guest is assigned a boarding group number and when it’s time for your boarding group to join the line for the attraction yoou get a push notification on the app.

So instead of the guest having to queue up physically for hours, they can enjoy the rest of the park and wait to be called. Once called you have 2 hours to enter the attraction.

Now for today, all boarding groups were full by 8 in the morning, meaning guests arriving after that time were not able to join and thus not able to experience the attraction today.

Disney will use the virtual queue system until it is no longer necessary , we don’t have an end date for that yet. So the moral of the story is, if you want to ride Rise of the Resistance (and you should, it’s amazing) get to the park before rope drop and join a boarding group.

(photo credit Tom Bricker)

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