Review of Beaches and Cream Soda Shop at Beach Club Resort

Today was the reopening of Beaches and Cream, after an extensive refurbishment period. As soon as I heard I made my ADR and couldn’t wait to check out the new space. Here’s my honest review.

Now most things that I share below can be fixed but one that is not that easily changed is atmosphere, and with this new incarnation the Soda Shop feel has gone out the window. The restaurant is now very streamlined (dare I say boring) and although they did try and throw some Disney touches in terms of the art it does not reflect the old feel of a 60’s diner. The placement of the jukebox feels like an afterthought and it doesn’t even go with this new theme.

I will give Disney the benefit of the doubt and attribute many of today’s experiences to first day jitters. My reservation was for 2:00pm, I promptly checked in at 1:45pm and wasn’t seated until 2:30pm. I had told them that I was fine with a counter seat and was seated at the counter facing the kitchen.

With the remodel we now have more table seating along with 2 long counters, one with views of the kitchen and one with views of the ice cream station.

Again attributing first day kinks I saw many dishes ready to be served just waiting to be picked up, along with a lot of confusion between the wait staff and chefs. It wasn’t particularly busy as there were empty tables around me but it felt very hectic.

I have always said that Beaches and Cream serves the best burger on property and I am sorry to say that in this particular visit my usual order wasn’t up to standard. My burger was dry and flavorless, the fries were fine along with the side of pickle.

As for my usual order in the ice cream department, the No Way Jose was perfection as usual.

While dining I saw 5 kitchen sinks being delivered, along with the usual red lights flashing and the entire staff screaming “a whole can of whipped cream”. Kids and adults always get a kick when ordering this ice cream creation as it takes about 4 people to finish it up.

I would definitely give the restaurant another try, as I said, the ice cream creations should be the reason you come here and they don’t disappoint, I just wished they would not have messed with the original theme.

Beaches and Cream has now moved it’s pick up “to go” window to the outside area so it will be easier to queue up and order if all you want is some good old fashioned ice cream.

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