Report: Disney Could Make History With Potential Iger Replacement

When we welcomed Bob Iger back as CEO of The Walt Disney Company last month, we knew it was a temporary stay. The caveat to having Iger back in the driving seat is knowing we will lose him in that role in 23 months. The purpose of his return has been to get the Company back on its feet after the many missteps of Bob Chapek, while at the same time scouting out and preparing Iger’s replacement.

According to a Disney inside source, we are learning a name that is considered in the top five of contenders to take over after Iger (if not the top name). Not only is this a name many see as a great choice; if it were to happen, it would be a historic day for Disney leadership.

According to the Disney inside source, as reported by Deadline, Christine McCarthy has emerged as a contender to replace Iger. If this comes to be, she will be the first female CEO of The Walt Disney Company.

Christine McCarthy is the current Chief Financial Officer of The Walt Disney Company. For many reasons, we can see why McCarthy would be picked. According to Deadline, McCarthy was “a steady hand” for Iger previously, and for Chapek. She was critical to the Company during the height of the COVID-19 Pandemic, and “adept at raising and husbanding cash”.

Most recently, McCarthy was the first person to speak out against Chapek, and argue for his removal. She went to Disney Chairman of the Board Susan Arnold and expressed her concerns on Chapek. “Distraught by the company’s dire bottom line and missteps by Chapek over the last 18 months, McCarthy is the executive whose name is now in the history books”, states Deadline.

With all of her strengths, time may not be in her favor. At age 67, she wold be one of the oldest CEOs. Bob Iger had originally planned to retire at 65, and now that he has returned at age 71, it makes sense why he would only stay for two years. Would Disney want to replace 71 year old Iger with someone of a similar age, and have to look forward to another transition of power only a few years down the road? This would definitely be something to consider.

We’re only a few weeks into having Iger back. As we are learning, there is already so much to discuss looking into the future, with the 23 months we have left before Iger retires.

Who do you think will replace Bob Iger? Stay tuned to Streaming the Magic as we keep you updated!

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