Recording Devices Officially Banned on Popular Disney Attraction

In recent years, there has been a massive increase in smart phone and recording device use all over Disney Parks. From live streaming, to making TikToks, and everything in between; Disney Guests just love documenting their day in the Parks. However, is it always safe to do so?

Today we are learning that a popular Disney attraction is putting an official end to it. Twitter account @littlesophiebug shared a sign indicating an end to recording devices while on Space Mountain:

In the comment section, we are learning what may have happened to prompt this change. We also hear directly from a Cast Member on the new rule:

Twitter account @joeeeewg shares that the “no phones on ride” signs are popping up at other Theme Parks as well, not just at Disney Parks:

It appears that this change was brought about not only for the safety of Guests, but to prevent items getting lost while on the ride. So far we are only seeing this signage at Space Mountain, but we assume we may see it pop up in other attraction queues throughout the Parks.

What do you think of this change? Have you ever filmed your day in the Parks? Let us know!

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