R2D2 Will Cost How Much at Galaxy’s Edge?

The countdown continues, 7 days…people have their game plans ready, what time to show up, what to do first, where to take pictures. But are their wallets ready?

Disney is aware of the type of fans they will get for this historic new land. Not only the casual Disney fan but also the hardcore, collector Star Wars fan. With them in mind they have created a large array of Star Wars merchandise, from pins, to clothing, to toys and lightsabers.


But if you would like a life size, custom made, remote controlled R2 droid you have to pay the big bucks. $25k will get you your very own R2, you pick the head style and color, this droid will move, beep, boop and light up. This price, by the way, does not include taxes or shipping and AP, CM or DVC discounts are not available.

You can actually see a fully operational R2 unit at the Droid Depot so you can drool over how cool it is. But for me, my eyes are on the Build a Droid experience, for $99 I will also be able to customize my droid and bring it to life, plus it will fit in my backpack so I can bring it with me on all my adventures to Batuu.

I am actually happy to see this amount of varied merchandise, I will probably not buy one of the very cool legacy lightsabers but it’ll be fun just to look at them.

Remember we will have live coverage from the opening day of Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge at Disneyland starting at 7am PST (10am EST) you can watch right here
https://www.facebook.com/streamingthemagic/ and

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