Plans For a Hotel Inside Epcot Resume

Since the pandemic began, all future projects that Disney had imagined were put into jeopardy. From having to completely stop construction due to lockdowns, to budget cuts, nobody is quite sure what is temporarily paused and what’s completely cut.

One project that thankfully seems to still be in the works, is a hotel that will be built inside Epcot.

According to local Orlando Realtor & Disney fan Ken Pozek, he revealed during a live stream on his YouTube channel that showed new construction filings. The construction updates were as recent as February 4th, 2021. They are simply titled ‘Epcot Future World Hotel’. Interestingly, the address for the area that construction might take place is 1474 Avenue of the Stars. As you can see from the photo below, this address is not at the entrance of Epcot, where it was originally imagined.

We’re not sure if there’s been a change in location or if this is just merely an address used for filing purposes. Regardless of the location, it’s exciting to see some movement on this exciting project.

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