Places to Take a Break in Epcot

Places to Take a Break in Epcot

By Julie

Epcot is a big park, it was actually designed as two parks and then the Imagineers put Future World and World Showcase together and voila, we got Epcot. It is smart when touring the park to take a break whenever possible so you can further enjoy everything it has to offer. So here are my favorite places to sit down, maybe take in some A/C, and learn a thing or two.

Future World
This area is home to most of Epcot’s attractions, it is divided into Future World East and West. You can easily take a break inside The Seas with Nemo and Friends or inside The Land Pavilion but there is one area that is smacked dead center of Future World and it’s mostly unused.

As you exit the Character Spot (same building where Starbucks is located) there is a large area with tables, chairs, restrooms and more importantly, it’s air conditioned. You can find some plugs around to charge your electronic devices while you take a break or wait for someone. You can also visit Club Cool, it’s right next door and sample, for free, Coke products from around the world.

World Showcase
In recent years I find myself skipping Future World all together and just go spend a day around World Showcase. Each country has things to offer, be it a movie or cultural entertainment, typical food and drinks or just the architecture. It is very easy to find spots that are ideal for sitting down and taking all the details in.

And so let’s start our trip around the world.

Before or after you have found Donald Duck inside there are a couple of spots that are great for relaxing.
On nice weather days you can sit down right at the entrance of the pyramid. I like to bring my food or drink here and people watch, remember to take in all the surroundings, there are beautiful flowers and vegetation if you go up the ramp.

Inside it’s a beautiful, permanent nighttime in Mexico, with a market, restaurant and a ride. There’s a nice bench right by the fountain.

Unfortunately due to Frozen Ever After attraction and those 2 cool sisters this pavilion is very busy. You can find tables and chairs right outside the bakery, by the way, my favorite item is the school bread.

I love this pavilion, so many details, love the store and the circle vision movie. There is a great place to sit and relax and even learn a thing or two. It’s right next door to the main building. You can actually reach it through the main entrance or take the side door.

The Outpost
Considered by many as “Africa”, this is the pavilion that never was. Still you could take 5 and rest here while the kids and more than one adult beat the drums.

Grab a beer or maybe a snack from Karamell Kutche and sit by the lake

Another beautiful pavilion, you can take watch Sergio, the master juggler  from the comfort of your own chair, sip some wine or eat a gelato.

American Adventure
No better place to relax and enjoy one of Walt Disney World’s best entertainment offerings than inside the American Adventure building. Voices of Liberty has got to be on your top ten list if you are visiting Epcot, when they are not singing the building is quite empty, make sure to walk around the entire gallery and small museum.

This pavilion is a favorite of my daughter, she especially loves the store and can spend a large amount of time inside. I like to sit and people watch. Recently they added outdoor seating and I love the way it looks and blends in with the entire pavilion. Make sure to visit the museum right next to the kidcot tables, they have exhibits on many different Japanese culture and art


This is, hands down, my absolute favorite pavilion in World Showcase. So many details, side streets, smells, sounds, sights. I just love it. A couple of great outdoor and indoor places to sit. Maybe the best kept secret is the museum. Entrance is located to the left of the pavilion and most people completely ignore it and just walk past it.

Even though it has the best bakery in Epcot there are not a lot of places to sit down, unless you are watching the movie. Even after the remodel of the bakery it’s very hard to find a table, there are some benches outside which, on a nice weather day, is a nice spot.

United Kingdom
Sad to say that almost all of the benches that were in the back by the band gazebo are gone, but you can still grab your fish and chips and beer and head back there, when the band is not playing it’s a pretty serene spot.

This is a pretty pavilion that most people don’t even think of exploring, as you go up the steps toward the circle vision movie there are a couple of nice places to relax. Also if you are waiting for the movie they have plenty of seating inside the queue area.

I know when you come to the parks you are not thinking about places to sit and relax, it’s usually go,go,go. But take time to enjoy Epcot, it has a lot of hidden treasures if you are willing to spend some time looking for them, and then just enjoy it, sit down, grab a snack from the country and listen to the music. At the end of the day you’ll be glad you did.


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