Pixar’s first gay main character arrives to Disney+

As reported in Entertainment a short film released on Friday showcases Pixar’s first gay main character.

Pixar’s movie lineup still leaves much to be desired in terms of LGBTQ inclusion, but this moving short film, shows there is the capacity to bring these stories to life through Pixar’s beautiful animation.

Out, the latest Pixar short released through Disney+’s SparkShorts series, arrived this week with the story of Greg as he moves in with his boyfriend, Manuel. The only issue is that Greg isn’t out to his parents yet. When his parents arrive at his doorstep eager to help- he doesn’t know what to do. With a little nudge in the right direction from a pair of fairy god-pets – he quickly learns that maybe there’s nothing to hide after all.

Steven Clay Hunter wrote and directed Out, which was produced by Max Sachar. This marks Pixar’s first attempt to feature an openly gay character in a lead role.

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