Enhanced Sleeping Beauty Castle Reopens

Sleeping Beauty Castle, the icon of Disneyland has been behind walls and tarps since January. It had seen serious damage to the roof due to the 60th Anniversary banners and Imagineers decided to give the beloved castle a brand new coat of paint so to speak.

Imagineers went back to it’s original color scheme in honor of Herb Ryman.
“What’s interesting about this time is that we used an ages-old painting technique called atmospheric perspective to visually heighten the castle,” said Kim Irvine, art director at Walt Disney Imagineering. “We warmed the pink hues on the lower towers and gradually added blue to lighten the colors toward the top.”

“We focused the golden accents and pixie dust around the entrance to the castle, as though it has been magically enchanted,” said Irvine. Colorful banners, pennants and landscaping also were included, and the Sleeping Beauty Castle walkthrough received new paint and lighting.

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