The Perks to Flying Solo at Disney Parks

The Perks to Flying Solo at Disney Parks:

Considering going solo to Disney?  So far I’ve gone twice and I love it.  I eagerly look forward to going again, and as a female I always felt safe in the parks.  What I love most about going on my own is being able to choose what I want to do when.

Rides: Going solo is a great time to go on or avoid the rides you love or dislike as much or little as you want.  On my last solo trip to Disneyland, I went on Goofy’s Sky School three times in a row, partly because the crowd size was great and the other part because I wanted to.  

Another great benefit is using the single rider line, especially when you are waiting for another fast pass to become available.  You simple find the single rider line and wait for a short time to get onto the ride, which I highly recommend using for Radiator Springs since fast passes go very fast for that ride.  Make sure you ask a cast member where the single rider line is, and some you go through the exit.  Not all rides have them, but most of the major ones do.

Dining: Another great thing about going solo is choosing where you want to eat.  I admit, for me anyway, that eating is a bi part of the Disney experience.  On my first solo trip, I was able to eat at the Hungry Bear twice because I enjoyed sitting along the Rivers of America and relaxing in that area.  

I also loved being able to go to one of the higher end restaurants like the Blue Bayou and Carthay Circle.  While eating alone there was a little intimidating, I enjoyed the atmosphere and the food of each restaurant.

On my last trip, I went to three character breakfasts because I am such a fan of them!  I was able to take as long as I wanted to eat there and interact with the characters, and taking pictures wasn’t an issue since I used my phone to take selfies.  On my next solo trip I am planning on going to do three character breakfasts again.  

Early or late mornings: I’ve been twice with my sister, and while that was a great trip, she isn’t an avid Disney fan as I am, so she wasn’t as willing to get up early to enjoy the parks.  On the trips on my own, I was able to get up as early as five to get ready for my trip, which meant more park time for me.

Shopping: Shopping was one of my most favorite things to do while at Disneyland on my last solo trip.  When I’ve gone with other people, they did not want to go into shopping as much as I did, but I was able to go through each shop on Main Street. I really enjoyed myself and I was able to get a lot of merchandise I wanted.

Characters: Meeting characters is one of my most favorite things to do at Disneyland.  I could stop any time I saw a character and enjoy three character breakfasts as well.  I’ve seen a video on a YouTube channel, who was also solo, enjoy most of her solo trip to Disneyland Paris by mostly waiting and looking for characters she could visit.


Shows: While I am not much of a show person (I’d rather be meeting characters or going on rides), being able to watch the shows you want or don’t want to see is a perk.  I did take the time to watch the World of Color (along with enjoy the World of Color Carthay Circle package lunch special), the Soundsational parade, and fireworks show on my last solo trip.  


So if you are thinking of doing a solo trip, I so encourage you to not be scared and go for it!  I loved my trips and I’m planning for a third for some time next year.  

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