New Theme Park with Hunger games & Twilight Attractions

Want to hang out in The lobby of The Capitol from The Hunger Games? Now you can!

A new theme park being built in China called Lionsgate Entertainment World will feature popular hits from the Lionsgate film studio including Twilight, Escape Plan & Hunger Games.

The Twilight ride will be a simulated virtual reality motorcycle ride. For Hunger Games they plan to build a replicated lobby of The Capitol. And for the movie Escape Plan, you’ll need to escape a maximum security prison.

The theme park will be built vertical, and will also include popular shops & restaurants.

“We found a way to create this theme park experience inside of one box over multiple floors,” said Jenefer Brown, senior vice-president of Global Live and Location Based Entertainment at Lionsgate.
“We created experiences that are immersive, that tell stories and are organic to the brands,” she said. “It’s a mix of all the cutting-edge attractions that you’ll find in entertainment right now.”

Up to 25 more rides & attractions will be announced in the coming months. The theme park is expected to open July of this year.

The Lions Gate theme park website can be found here

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