New DVC Tower coming to DisneyLand Hotel

According to @MagicAndWalnut on Twitter, Disney released new renderings and a blueprint of the tower at a community webinar on Thursday.

According to the blueprint, this new Disney Vacation Club complex will consist of the “L”-shaped tower, with a separate pool directly behind it. As of the writing of this article, there has been no word as to whether this pool will be exclusively for Vacation Club members.

Focus of the preliminary designs seems to be on the facade facing Walnut street. Which is to be built in a steeped pattern to better fit and blend with the community.

The plans are still under review by the City of Anaheim, but it looks like, the tower is still in the works even with Disney’s construction cutbacks, bringing a new “home” for Disney Vacation Club members at the Disneyland Resort.

Source Magic and Walnut on Twitter

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