Mulan to Release To All Disney+ Subscribers For Free in December

Disney’s Mulan will become available to all Disney+ subscribers in December.

Like every big theatrical release in 2020, Mulan faced delays due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. Resulting in the live-action remake of Disney’s 1998 animated classic having had a continuously shifting release date. The film had its premiere on March 9, 2020, and was originally set to have its wide release on March 27. However, with the closure of movie theaters around the world, the film was delayed several times. First to July 2020 and then again to August, before Disney removed it from their release schedule altogether.

Disney then announced Mulan would be available for purchase on Disney+ starting on September 4, 2020. The film would also release theatrically in markets where cinemas are allowed to operate and where Disney+ isn’t an option. The early release will cost a relatively steep $30 on the popular streaming platform, but it would be a permanent purchase, not a rental. Good for the life of your Disney+ membership.

However, according to the pre-order page, Mulan will release for all Disney+ subscribers on December 4, 2020. With only three months between theatrical release and streaming this news marks the fastest that a major film has gone from its theatrical release to being streamed (for free within the monthly or annual membership) on Disney+. You can see a screenshot of Mulan‘s Disney+ page, below:

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