Margaritaville’s Island H2O Live is Now Open

There’s a new waterpark in the Central Florida area and this one dives (see what I did there) right into our current love for social Media. Island H2O Live is owned by Margaritaville and it’s located in their brand new district area. Along with Margaritaville Resort, Sunset Walk dinning, shopping and entertainment district, H2O Live completes a destination location right in the heart of Central Florida.

Islando H2O Live is not the biggest of waterparks but it makes very smart use of the area they have. The first thing you should do even before stepping foot inside the park is download their app, H2O Live! will have you create an account where you can link a credit card, customize the look, pick songs and have it ready to create selfies and live stream during some of the slides.

As mentioned H2O pays tribute to the ever growing social media use. You can see this in the names of their slides, food areas and even the gift shop. Here’s a closer look at their slides:

Drop Down

Enjoy the view from the top and count down with anticipation while awaiting a breath-taking vertical drop. Relive the adrenaline rush and moment over again and again as your moment can be seamlessly captured and shared.

Live Streaming

Keep your content curation in circulation with the only truly looping video embedded waterslide in the world. The slide’s 360-degree loop provides a visual impact that will surely inspire and entertain your followers.

The Downloader
Get launched into your own personal audio visual playlist on The Downloader. The rush and intensity of dropping into a sphere of centrifugal fun will have you spinning right round baby right round.

Follow Me Falls
Followers fall fast and steep, to immediately ascend upon a vertical wall where they will experience a moment of weightlessness, before they careen back down to earth. Whether riding solo, or with a friend, these falls are sure to create thrills for anyone who chooses to follow!

Reply Racers

Riders will get to share their individual experiences as they race head to head in a competitive battle for the king of the mats! With a rematch sure to follow, each ride will be a unique experience unlike the last, with bragging rights bouncing from one racer to the next!

Hashtag Heights

Soar to new heights as riders experience this high flying boomerang, featuring a steep drop and all the feels of being weightless for a moment in time! #Shareyourexperience with family and friends for a memorable group moment!

Reload Rapids

Slide, reload, repeat! Tight corners and high banking turns make this tube slide an unexpected ride of constant thrills! Riders will rapidly zoom from one enclosed tube to the next, as it disguises its next round of chilling twists and turns!

Profile Plunge

High speeds and plunging drops bring a whole new meaning to family fun! Surprises lurk around every corner in this action packed ride as families huddle together to conquer the wall sweeps, unexpected drops and twisty turns, all the while smiling for their new profile picture!

There is also a very cool and unique kids area for your little ones to enjoy.

Candy Stripe Cove

A colorful array of rides and slides for those that meet the height! Giggles and squeals are a constant sound of excitement that runs rampant in this candy colored land.

Pelican’s Paradise

Splishing and splashing is the name of the game in the land of the little tikes! This pelican’s paradise is complete with an array of adventures that are sure to keep the kiddos from ever wanting to leave!

And of course there is also a wave pool, a lazy river and a 21 year old and up private pool called “Private Domain”.

Food, Beverages and Merchandise also get the social media treatment with names like Megabytes, Apps and Eats and MEMEntos.

Around the park you find video booths to link up to your social media and share with your friends and family about your experience at the park. They also have Selfie Shacks with fun and unique backdrops.

Island H2O Live is currently open for previews but it should be fully open by the end of the month. For park tickets and more information you can visit here.

We were able to visit this morning and if you would like to watch a replay of our live stream you can see it right here.

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