BREAKING: Major Theme Park Expansion Announced for Disneyland

Disney just announced plans for a major expansion of Disneyland in California. ‘DisneylandForward’ is Disney’s effort to work with local government officials to be able to expand Disneyland’s footprint in the Anaheim area. In the next few weeks Disney will be asking the city for more flexibility on plans that were originally approved back in the 1990’s but due to restrictions, were never able to move forward.

The Orange Country Register reported the following:

Disneyland executive for Walt Disney Imagineering Jeanette Lomboy said during a media briefing on March 25th that “the DisneylandForward plan includes what could be possible in the future at the Disneyland resort with more flexibility and approvals from the city.” Lomboy continued to say; “Because of the current rigid district structure, we just need more flexibility, We’re excited about the possibilities and ready to dream. Believe me, we have no shortage of ideas, content or stories to tell or build.” “What we do know today is that guests need and want more,” Lomboy said. “In order to give guests what they want, we need more flexibility here in Anaheim. Guests are demanding immersive integrated experiences that are not singular in their uses. We no longer think of uses as separate. Retail, dining, entertainment, theme parks and hotels are all part of the same experiences in the same place. And we need the space in our lands to create story-rich environments.”

An Anaheim City official responded by saying “I welcome fresh thinking about how the Disneyland Resort evolves and how we best maximize this resource for our city.”

The projects presented by Lomboy included Tangled, Frozen and Peter Pan themed lands!

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