Scalpers Already Posting MagicBand+ On Ebay for Ridiculous Prices

Today Disney released their long-awaited MagicBand+ devices. These bands, which wear like watches on your wrist, have multiple functionalities. You can pay for Disney merchandise, open your resort room door, enter one of the theme parks among other options.

The newest and coolest feature, is that the MagicBands can trigger cool effects around various parts of the Disney World theme parks. For example, one effect is when you walk by one of the 50th anniversary statues, if you wave to the statue it will trigger the statue to make a noise or speak to you.

With these new features & beautiful styles, of course the new MagicBand+ wristbands are in high demand. Many of them have already sold out both at the theme park shops & on Shop Disney. As happens all too often with high demand Disney merch, opportunistic scalpers have already begun to post the MagicBand+ devices on Ebay for ridiculous prices.

Currently you can find two different MagicBands for over $200 on Ebay. The starting price at the parks for these watches is only $34.99. A huge difference and frustrating for the average guest that can’t afford the scalper’s price offer. Disney does have a limit of two MagicBand+ purchases at a time, as they do with most of their merchandise but that rule is unfortunately easy to get around for the scalpers. Some scalpers will even bring in their children, with no intention of actually getting them the MagicBands, so they can purchase more than 2 & sell them on Ebay. This tactic makes it difficult for Disney to enforce the two purchase limit.

These scalpers already had the MagicBands listed less than 24 hours since the MagicBands went on sale. It would not be surprising if that asking price on Ebay continues to rise as the MagicBands continue to sell out across Disney World Parks & their online store, shopDisney.

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