‘Lobsta Mickey’ Returns to Boston After Missing for Two Decades

One of the strangest questions we have ever asked: Have you ever wondered what Mickey Mouse would look like with lobster claws for hands? Well, if you have, we’ve surprisingly got your answer.

Credit: AP Photo/Michael Dwyer

‘Lobsta Mickey’, originally seen at shopping center Quincy Market in Boston, has long been considered a legend, and part of city lore for Boston. The statue was commissioned by Disney for Disney’s 75th anniversary, and shortly after went missing. It was said that the statue was auctioned off in 2005 by Disney, and nothing further was heard or seen of it. That is, until now. (WNYT.com)

According to WNYT, an upstate NY NBC news affiliate, the statue has returned to Boston! Currently being housed at Boston sneaker store Concepts, the store owner “became fixated on tracking down the creation” and ended up acquiring it on eBay after a 5 year long search. In disrepair, the shop owner hired a company to repaint and repair ‘Lobsta Mickey’. Sticking true to Boston’s love of seafood, the shop features lobster themed sneakers as well, so a lobster themed Mickey fits right in.

‘Lobsta Mickey’ is one of 75 themed Mickey statues that were commission by Disney for Mickey’s 75th anniversary. The Concepts shoe store owner plans to keep Mickey on display through the holidays, before finding it a permanent home somewhere in Boston. (WNYT)

What do you think of ‘Lobsta Mickey’? Creative statue, or strange? Let us know!

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