Legoland Obtains Local Approval to Reopen as Soon as June 1

Winter Haven Florida — as reported by The Ledger– The City Commission on Wednesday night gave approval to the Legoland Florida Resort to reopen June 1. This approval was after General Manager Rex Jackson detailed the sanitation, social distancing and other restrictions the park would operate under during the pandemic.

The Florida theme park will open to a maximum 50% capacity – about 6,000 people- and will have strict sanitation, social distancing and other restrictions in place, including a temperature check of all visitors entering the park. In addition to the overall 50% capacity limitation, Legoland will enforce the same limitation at facilities inside the park, such as restaurants and live entertainment venues, and at the new Pirate Island and the original Legoland Hotel.

Some Legoland attractions will not reopen on June 1 because of social distancing requirements. Those include some games, interactive play areas and live “meet and greets” with costumed characters. The park will open some of its signature “Lego brick pits” with frequent cleaning and sanitation, however.

Legoland will maintain social distancing throughout the resort, such as lines to rides and events with signs and markers.

Restaurants will no longer have self-service buffets and salad bars or access to soda fountains and condiment stations. It will rely on table service for all food and beverage offerings.

Legoland workers will follow a stricter set of cleaning regimens throughout the park. These will include regular sanitation of restaurant tables, handles and other frequently touched parts of rides. Hand sanitizer dispensers will be placed throughout the resort.

They will highly recommend, although not require, that all guests wear a face mask. The park will provide complimentary face masks for guests who did not bring them.

In what’s likely to be the most controversial restriction, Legoland will bar admission to anyone who has a fever of 100.4 degrees or higher, Jackson said. It will also refuse to admit all members in that person’s party on the assumption they may also carry the coronavirus that causes COVID-19 without showing symptoms, consistent with warnings from global health officials. Legoland workers will take the temperature of every guest at the entrance with a forehead thermometer, he said. If that shows a temperature at or above the 100.4-degree threshold, the guest will be tested again with a different thermometer to confirm the result before being denied admission.

LegoLand closed March 15 due to the coronavirus crisis.

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