Julie’s Dream 5th Park

So I am going to confess this topic came from one of our awesome conversations while I’m live streaming. In a very recent live stream the viewers and I started day dreaming of what our dream 5th park would be about, after many options we settled on a park filled with extinct attractions and shows, you know those attractions that for whatever reason Disney decided to demolish or change. So I present to you my 5th Gate to be named Disney’s World of Yesteryear ™

Journey into Imagination: The original one, not the re-imagined one. Yeah we need Figment AND Dreamfinder, this attraction was whimsical, imaginative, colorful and adorable. Not only that, the experience after the ride was also magical, anyone remember the rainbow hallway?

The Great Movie Ride:Ready when you are C.B… this attraction had it all, a great story, live action, practical effects, amazing sets and a beautiful montage at the end. Even you thrill seekers could see the value of this long, slow, tram ride through the movies. I still need to watch the Footlight Parade, the Public Enemy and The Searchers to have watched all the movies featured on the ride portion.

Horizons: This attraction would still fit perfectly in it’s original park, Epcot, but I’m stealing it for my park. Horizons gave us a beautiful song a great glimpse into the future and at the end you could pick how you wanted to live in the future with a Space, Dessert or Under Sea story to bring you back to the present. This ride also gives us a misquote from Walt Disney. “If you can dream it then you can do it” was actually never said by Walt Disney

Backlot Tour Featuring Catastrophe Canyon: am I interested in seeing the prop department, the costuming department, the scenic shop AND the opportunity to see how they make it look like it’s raining on a sunny day? Why yes I want that. I was fortunate and sad to be there for the last day of operations and took one of the last tram tours (the last tour was reserved for cast members that had worked on the attraction). This one has a very special meaning for me, for personal reasons.

Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride: I mean who doesn’t want to get in a car and ride wildly around a story that ends with you in H.E.Double Hockey Sticks ? An original Magic Kingdom attraction, you can still find it at Disneyland until I build my park.

The Timekeeper: 360 done at it’s best. This one has the Timekeeper (voiced by the incomparable Robin Williams) and Jules Verne using the latest in technology with Nine-Eye, the 360 degree camera, going into different periods of time. An entertaining, educational and funny attraction.

Tarzan Rocks: Festival of the Lion King will always be my number one favorite show but Tarzan Rocks was a close second and no current show comes close to it. It had a live band, amazing singers, in line monkey skaters, aerialists, characters, all performing to the amazing music from the movie

Ok, so I’m done with my attractions but we need some parades and fireworks

Block Party Bash: High energy parade, dancers, characters, trampoline jumping, audience participation, need I say more, wait, I need to grab some water now. This will be my 3pm parade.

Spectromagic: On this magic night…..my night parade will definitely tug at your heartstrings. I’ll probably cut the scary clowns on the spinning balls though.

Symphony in the Stars Fireworks: yes, yes, I can see you all rolling your eyes, “she managed to bring Star Wars into her park” but in all honesty I have not seen a better firework show on property…plus John Williams music. Need I say more. Here’s my video from 2016

Osborne Family Spectacle of Dancing Lights: Obviously I will have special entertainment for the holiday season in my park. NOTHING will ever come close to the Osborne lights, I feel sad each holiday season when we don’t have them and I know a lot of people didn’t get to experience them. Enjoy a snippet of what it was.

So there you have it, that’s my dream park of yesteryear. How about you? What extinct attractions would you put in your park?

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