Josh Gad Makes Appearance on Disney World Attraction

Josh Gad, Disney fan and voice of Olaf from the ‘Frozen’ films, was recently at EPCOT for the Holidays. Gad served as a narrator for the Candlelight Processional, a telling of the religious story of Christmas. Each year, celebrities visit EPCOT and take place in this event. It has without a doubt become a holiday tradition over the years at EPCOT, and one that Guests look forward to year after year.

During his visit to EPCOT, Gad went on the ride that continues to bring joy to ‘Frozen’ fans, ‘Frozen Ever After’. Shared on his Instagram, we hear Olaf singing with Sven behind him in the background. Gad pans the camera around to himself, where he seems to be impressed that he (as the voice of Olaf) “sounds good”. The video is captioned with “Two Olafs don’t make a right”. Check out the cute clip below of Gad on ‘Frozen Ever After’ at EPCOT:

Such a memorable experience for Guests and fans of ‘Frozen’ to ride ‘Frozen Ever After’ with the real Olaf! Have you ever seen Gad, or any other celebrities in the Parks? Let us know!

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