Is Flights of Wonder Coming Back?

Flights of Wonder was the bird show offered in the Asia section of Disney’s Animal Kingdom. Along with teaching young and old about natural bird behaviors it would introduce the lovable and hilarious Guano Joe or Guano Jane that was in charge of a tour group and had F.O.B. (Fear of Bird)

When Disney’s Animal Kingdom announced changes to the bird show most fans were hesitant but hopeful. The new show, UP! A Great Bird Adventure introduced the characters from Up but sadly saw the end to the Guano Joe/Jane storyline. The focus on bird behavior stayed the same but the show received an almost unanimous thumbs down, the storyline was lackluster, the Up character seemed out of place with the live performers.

We have a couple of interesting things happening now. First, UP! A Great Bird Adventure is going on a brief hiatus from September 8th through September 21st. Second Disney Casting is searching for a comedic actor for a “new offering at Disney’s Animal Kingdom”. Could this be the return of Guano Joe with a similar storyline as the original show but also including the Up characters? Most fans of Flight of Wonder sure hope so.

Stay tuned to our page for any updates on this developing story.

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