Hasbro Releases New Disney Themed Monopoly

Mirror, mirror on the wall, tell me who is the most villainous of them all? If you are a Disney villain fan, Hasbro has a new game out just for you! Hasbro Gaming Monopoly: Disney Villains Edition has you play as one of six villains; Cruella de Vil, Hook, Scar, The Evil Queen, Maleficent or Jafar. As you progress around the game board other villains appear, like Ursula, Yzma, Gaston and King Candy so no one is left out.

The objective in Monopoly: Disney Villains Edition is a little different than you may be used to as there is no cash, only tokens. As you play, you hire the other Villains and buy or sell contracts instead of locations, the more villains a player hires, the more rent they’ll be able to collect. Each character villain has a Power Card that outlines a special ability, and it can be activated when you pass GO and place the Flames of Power ring on your token. The Monopoly Game: Disney Villains Edition also includes Poison Apple cards that gives players an advantage such as stealing coins and properties and placing free Thickets. As always, the player with the most cash at the end, and all the other player are bankrupt, wins the game.

Monopoly: Disney Villains Edition is available on amazon for $29.99 and at most major retailers.

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