Guests Clear Out Splash Mountain Merchandise from the Briar Patch Ahead of Attraction Re-theme

As we previously reported, Disney will be reimagining Splash Mountain to The Princess and the Frog at the Magic Kingdom and Disneyland.

As a result, guests at Walt Disney World have been purchasing all the attraction merchandise before it’s gone, and the reopened Briar Patch store at the Magic Kingdom has proved to be no exception.

Photos shared over various social media platforms show the store picked clean of all merchandise. It has been reported that customers were even purchasing entire boxes full of the specially themed merchandise before it had been opened for display in the store.

Cleared out plush display at The Briar Patch in Magic Kingdom

It didn’t even matter that yesterday was the first time guests are welcomed back to the Magic Kingdom. Guests rope-dropped the Briar Patch. In the photo below you can see a long line leading to the store, with guests leaving with large quantities of merchandise.

Photo credit WDWNT

Throughout the day people shared more photos showing guests carrying multiple bags from the attraction’s gift shop through the parks.

With the attraction retheme imminent, it is safe to assume that this merchandise will not be restocked.

Stay tuned to Streaming the Magic for more updates on the Splash Mountain retheming.

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