Gift Card For Opting Out Of Housekeeping Program Discontinued At Walt Disney World

Walt Disney World Resort hotels have now began their phased reopening after the closure because of the COVID-19 pandemic, but things are a bit different.

With modified amenities, the option to decline housekeeping in exchange for a Disney Gift Card has now been discontinued.

As the resorts reopen, Disney is looking to minimize contact with additional people as much as possible. For example, housekeeping will not be daily, it will be done every other day in a light fashion.

The “Service Your Way” program allowed Guests to decline housekeeping during their stay and receive a Disney Gift Card for doing so.

This is kind of unexpected as housekeeping is no longer being done daily anyway. And the program allowed for Guests to receive incentive to opt out. Guests can still opt out of housekeeping service, but they will no longer receive a gift card.

Here is the light housekeeping that will be done to Guests’ rooms during their resort stay:

  • Removal of trash and used towels
  • Replenishment of towels and amenities throughout the room and bathroom
  • Wiping and cleaning of the vanity and counter surfaces
  • Vacuuming if needed

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